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Lacan ERP Receptury Management

In the program, the term “Recipe Module” means the process of completing the ingredients that make up a given product.

Thanks to this, the system can be optimally used in the food, chemical or cosmetics industry, i.e. wherever the key role in the production process is to enter recipes and conduct professional quality controls.

Quality Control Module

Our system has been modified to include a Quality Control module.

The system provides the ability to build quality files of individual indexes with the specification of measures, dictionaries of measures as well as qualitative assessments and qualifications.

It allows you to verify identified defects and manufacturing inconsistencies, thus enabling strict quality control in the area of your own production process.

The system also ensures efficient handling of the complaint process.


What will your company gain thanks to the quality control module?

– optimization of production costs

– increasing production efficiency

– the ability to quickly identify and eliminate errors

– maintaining a constant level of quality

– automatic inventory

The quality test form in the warehouse is shown in the screen below:

Recipe Creation Module

The module allows you to define recipes with the option of planning and issuing prescription production orders with a wide range of parameters, handling raw material management related to formulation processes and reporting production orders.

The solution can be used in the following industries: construction, food, confectionery, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, as well as wherever weighing of ingredients or goods is required according to a specific recipe.

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