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To support production processes in the metal industry, the LacanERP system has been introduced with a solution that significantly improves the design and management processes appearing in manufacturing companies.

product base management process with the ability to register sales orders

– a design module, enabling the introduction of products with defined parameters that make up the order opening card, which is forwarded to the production department.

– project scheduling,

– planning the time-consuming project along with supplementing the relevant values from the schedule,

– defining the roles of employees along with calculating their working hours,

– label printing optimizes the operation of the product.


The next step in the evolution of the approach to the functioning of the enterprise management system

The production manager’s ability to create a production change is shown in the following production change form:

Lacan Metal Management is a comprehensive IT solution supporting companies in the metal industry.

The program has the functionality to add a series of products ready for production change.

The logic of its operation is presented on the following form in the series:



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