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The LacanERP program has been extended with a module dedicated to the flexographic industry, it already has several large flexographic prepress in Poland.

It has been fully adapted to the requirements of the industry, especially when it comes to production processes resulting from the production of polymer matrices.

One system for Management of the entire company

The Lacan ERP system is a complete ERP system that allows management of all processes present in the company, including modules such as: Production, Projects, Sales, Logistics, Warehouse, HR and Payroll, Accounting.
All our modules are fully adapted to Polish law.
Thanks to this, data is transmitted without any obstacles between modules, which significantly increases the efficiency of work.

Mapping of technological flexographic parameters

By modifying the bidding module, the system enables full technological parameterization and order preparation at the offer stage.



Complete integration with ESKO Automation Engine and HYBRID CloudFlow software enables two-way, synchronous data exchange in the technological process between these systems.

This directly affects:

  • optimization of raw material, thanks to which the offer is more precise and does not need additional calculations, e.g. in Excel,
  • proper settlement of the raw material used for production on the basis of actual raw material consumption thanks to data obtained from specialized external systems,
  • gives the opportunity to place orders directly by customers thanks to the use of Hybrid Cloudflow Software integration, enabling the creation of a B2B panel for placing orders.

Lacan Flexo Management is a comprehensive IT solution supporting companies from the flexographic industry.

The system has the ability to work on a mobile interface, opened on a web browser and a client interface, installed directly on the computer.

The possibility of working on two interfaces, stationary and mobile, allows you to precisely adapt the software to the needs of a specific workplace.

In the case of the accounting department, the ideal solution will be installing the program on a computer where it is more stable, not related to the operation of the web browser. In turn, Traders can value the mobile interface, which they will be able to run on a tablet or phone, both at the customer’s and in the car or train. The mobile interface is fully responsive, thanks to which it automatically adjusts to the size of the display.

Sample screenshots from the mobile interface allow you to visualize the ability to access orders from anywhere where they have access to the internet.

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